Volarik Wine Investment – a new opportunity for wine-makers and investors

Aktualizováno: 26. úno 2019

Investment company Volarik Capital, which focuses mostly on hotel business and wine-making, presents its new project – Volarik Wine Investment. Goal of the company is buying perspective wineries and vineyards.

Young Mike Volarik honors and carries the tradition of his family. He is the CEO of the investment company Volarik Capital, and now, he wants to invest in traditional wineries and vineyards to expand his business portfolio.

„Our family has been growing grapes and making wine for many years, and this was another step for us; to focus on other wineries, which are for various reasons being sold, not only in Czechia, but also in Slovakia and Austria. Because of our expertize, buying other brands and utilizing the background of a financial group to create business synergies is a logical step for us.“, Mike Volarik, CEO of Volarik Capital, commented.

These are wineries that, for example, do not have a single heir, or their owners are in financial trouble. Sometimes, co-owners are not able to reach an agreement and are looking to sell their business. “First and foremost, our goal is to acquire wineries that have an established brand, their own clientèle and a competent team of employees. It is also important for the winery to be economically healthy. Our goal is to improve the brand, move forward and continue in its tradition.“ Volarik explains.

To each winery that is taken under the umbrella of Volarik Wine Investment, a dedicated manager will be assigned. Volarik Capital will take care of every winery as if it was their own family business.

Currently, Volarik Wine Investment is mainly looking at small and medium-sized wineries. „It can always happen that due to bad business decisions, a company finds itself in a complicated situation. It might be because they chose a unsuitable loan, employ unqualified personnel in key functions, or the employees are just burnt out and are not fulfilling their job requirements. All this can be solved and fixed over time. For us, that is a very interesting project that we would like to work on.“ added the CEO of Volarik Capital