Bottling Printing

The company BOTTLING PRINTING is a specialist in the field of industrial labeling, packaging and product coding. It offers solutions in identification, specifically tailored to their clients' needs.

Modernization of the Bottling Printing company.

In 1993, the company Bottling was founded. It was focused mostly on selling technologies mainly for bottling industry. Later, the company started labeling its products with a date of manufacture, bar codes or etiquettes according to applicable norms. 

After that, they started co-operating with the British company Linx Printing Technologies ltd in the areas of ink jet technologies, applications, DOD systems, LASER technologies and industrial printers for product manufacturers.

The name was changed to Bottling Printing,  so that it better reflects the direction of the company. 

Since 2016, Bottling Printing has been under the umbrella of Volarik Capital.

The company has managed to successfully establish itself in foreign markets.

At the beginning, there was a single service center in Mikulov, which took care of all the clients in the Czech republic and also Slovakia. Today, the company Bottling Printing is offering the best printing technologies from Germany, USA and Great Britain. For industrial labeling and product coding, it provides fast authorized service.

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