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Company Volarik Capital was founded in 2016, taking over activities of the Bottling Printing company, which had been in business for over 25 years, along with creating new projects, such as Volarik Hotel, Volarik Suites,

O'Hara Irish Pub, Real Estate and others.

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A company based on family tradition, with active assets worth hundreds of millions CZK, is looking for new investors to participate in projects in Czechia or abroad.

Volarik Capital is very particular in that all its business activities are paid for using their own resources. 

It is focused mainly on hotel business and wine-making, but is not opposed to going in a new direction. In the near future, there are plans for building hotel resorts with wellness activities in attractive locations, investing in development, production automation, real estate and wine.


About Mike Volarik

founder and CEO of Volarik Capital

CEO Mike Volarik is the founder of Volarik Capital. He gained his experience while studying in the United States of America and later in Australia, namely Sydney and Melbourne. There, he became acquainted with newest trends in global entrepreneurship

in tourism industry. 

“They've called me Mike since when

I was 15 and studying in the States.

My given name – Miroslav – was hard

to pronounce for

my classmates.“, Volarik explains.

He obtained his MBA education from Pittsburgh University in Prague, where he adopted managerial skills. He comes from a family of established wine-makers, and he honors the Volarik family tradition.


We are helping 

All our companies regularly support

citizen's association BILICULUM, which provides social services to people with mental or physical disabilities. We wish them a lot of strength in doing their work.





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